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Scroll position of mockups thumbnail panel


I have many individual mockups in my project and the mockups thumbnail panel gets vertically scrollable. If a mockup is selected at the very end the scroll position is resetted while exporting. I have to manually scroll and find the mockup again… so I could start exporting the next mockup.

Additionally, there’s some weird auto-scrolling going on when selecting a thumbnail that is behind the fold. I did some screenshots…

9 mockups, all not visible, first is selected:

I’m scrolling thumbnail panel to the end and clicking on 8th mockup:

…and the scroll position is lost (should have the exact same position as previous screenshot):

Please keep the scoll position as it is.

When pressing + icon or ⌘N insert the new mockup right after currently selected mockup (not at the end).

Apple Keynote is smart this way and its experience is great.



We’ve experienced the same auto-scrolling behavior here… my mockups are always scrolled either horizontally or vertically by 5-10 pixels when I select them.

Please fix this small issue, I feel like I’m going crazy! :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thanks so much for the great feedback here. Let me call out each individual issue separately.

  1. Scroll position reset after exporting. Reproduced and written up. We’ll get it fixed.
  2. Scroll position jumping after selecting a mockup. Written up as a separate bug. We’ll fix it.
  3. New mockups inserted at end. Filed as an enhancement.

@sgiroux, I just wanted to confirm—the auto-scrolling that you’re seeing is with the mockup thumbnails, right? The same as Taimar? Or are you seeing the controls on your canvas scroll? I just want to make sure I capture the bug that you are seeing as well. Thanks!


After carefully looking at Taimar’s problem, no; it is not the same problem.

My problem is that when I open a bmpr project with a non-blank mockup, the canvas is always scrolled 10px right and 10px bottom.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open B3;
  2. Add a rectangle;
  3. Save and close;
  4. Open newly saved project.

Result: mockup is scrolled down 10 pixels and right 10 pixels.


Got it. Thanks for the additional information. This is filed and we’ll take a look.


This is fixed now in 999.223.

We’re still working on some of the other issues reported in this thread. Thanks!


Hi everybody,

We shipped version 3.0.5 that has the bug fix included.
Here are the complete release notes:


Thanks, @Florian_Brauer