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Scrolling doesn't work on my touchpad

Hi, I’m on Dell XPS 13, i.e., fairly mainstream laptop with “precision touchpad”. Two finger scrolling works everywhere except Balsamiq Muckups 3. Is that a know issue? Makes it hard to work with wireframes that are longer than a viewport.


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Sorry about that, @borekb.

This has to do with a framework limitation and how your trackpad fires off scroll events. It’s not something with can fix in the current version of Mockups, but it will be fixed in the next generation version.

I’m really sorry that I don’t have a better answer for you, but this won’t be a problem forever. The fix just takes a little longer than we would like. :frowning:

Thanks, very much looking forward to a “native” version :slight_smile: (I used to be Flex / Air developer myself but boy the technologies advanced! Will v4 beta be out soon-ish?)

We are hoping for later this year, Borek. It kind of depends on Balsamiq Cloud, but that beta has been going pretty smoothly!

I was hoping for later this month :slight_smile: Think the first mentions of the rewrite are from 2015 but I can imagine it is a giant effort. Good luck!

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You can easily solve the issue using a setting option. For this go to device and find mouse and touchpad and mode to an additional mouse or change mouse property. Check hp touchpad not working for more help and support.

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I just installed the newest version of Mockups 3 on my Mac and now two-finger drag scrolling on my touch pad works vertically, but not horizontally!! This is a pretty big sudden issue that I don’t recall having with the previous version.

It’s true, @Matt_Laurence, the underlying framework isn’t catching horizontal scrolling for some reason. We aren’t sure we can fix it, but we are looking into it.

If you downgrade to 3.5.15, scrolling will work again. I’m sorry that we don’t have a better solution right now.

It’s January 2018 and this is still an issue. The amount of time required to spend in your product while being understanding about such a simple function not working correctly is a real drag.

Just curious what framework would prevent something as basic as scrolling? I always assumed your product was simply a web-view considering your organization offers cloud-versions.

Just curious. We all probably build software or have something to do with it if we are using your product. A little more technical information would be helpful. Maybe someone in the community knows a work around you’re team isn’t aware of.

Thank you.

I completely understand your skepticism, Edgar, and I’m sorry if it seems like we are trying to mask the difficulty of this.

Mockups 3 for Desktop is based on Adobe’s Flex framework. Back when Flash ruled the roost, we used Flex so that we could write code once, and then ship to everything. Unfortunately, in 2019, Flex is a dinosaur waiting for its 2020 meteor.

While we have re-written all of our web apps in native code, we are still working on a native version of the desktop app. We will be shipping those this year.

To answer your question: Adobe Air (Flex’s desktop framework) is the code that lives underneath Mockups 3 for Desktop; and it is what is handling mouse and keyboard events. While we normally wouldn’t update the version of Air that comes bundled with the desktop app, Tristan found that bundling the latest version of Adobe Air would fix one of our longest standing crash bugs. When we saw that, we had to update Air. The danger with that, of course, is that you introduce new bugs, and the horizontal scrolling bug is one of those bugs.

I wish it were an easy fix. One of the reasons we are focused so intensely on native Desktop apps is so that we have control of the whole stack, and can fix bugs that should be trivial like this.

The only difference between 3.5.15 is the bundled version of air, and we fixed a link in the help menu. If you downgrade, you almost certainly won’t notice a difference.

I’m sorry that this has been an annoyance for you, Edgar. I promise that it won’t be for much longer. Let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you so much for this reply. Big big help.

Using an older version will be my workaround for the time being.

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