Scrolling Sensitivity in Mockups Side Panel


Using this version:

Balsamiq Mockups
Version: 3.5.15 - 10/16/2017 10:39
Adobe Air Player Version: MAC 23,0,0,162

The scrolling in the side panel (Mockups) super-sensitive with a Mac Magic Mouse. I barely touch the mouse and the side panel will scroll 10+ panels (up or down). Please change this scroll more slowly … much more slowly, as I have to keep the mouse cursor out that window entirely or I lose my place.

I am at the point where I gently click into the selected panel and the use the arrow keys to navigate up or down.

Thanks, Ken


Sorry about that one, @Kenneth_F_Krutsch, we know how annoying it can be!

We don’t have much control on this one because it is a limitation of Abobe Air, which runs alongside our app. The good news is that our next major desktop version will be native and scrolling will be much easier there.

You can already try it out in the new editor of our new web product: Balsamiq Cloud.

This shouldn’t be a problem for too long! Anything else, we’re here. :slight_smile: