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Scrolling through a page within the frame of a screen in full screen presentation


Is there a way to make the content of a page longer than what can fit into the mobile or desktop screen I have created, so that the content below the fold will appear WITHIN the frame when in full screen presentation when I scroll? By this i mean that when I scroll, the content will move up within the frame.


Just to make sure I understand correctly, @jenroc, you would like the content to be scrollable through the phone/tablet control, is that correct?

Mockups and myBalsamiq are geared more towards starting the design process, rather than creating a working prototype of the design. They mimic pen and paper, so anything you can do with a sheet of paper, you can do with Mockups/myBalsamiq.

One thing you could do is create a couple of duplicate mockups of the content in different scroll positions and then link them together. That way, when someone clicks on the control, it would link to the new mockup, and appear as though the content has scrolled.

I made a quick demo here to show what I mean. I put an invisible rectangle (no border, 0% opacity) over the control and used it to link to the next mockup.

It’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but it may help in a pinch.

Let me know :slight_smile:


That looks like a good substitution for what I want. Thanks for the tip!


I like your solution. But how did you truncate the rectangle envelope like shaped thingy?

Thank you.


You can group it (with itself - which is a little weird, I know) and then crop it to cut the bottom off.

Does that make sense, @mjoraidcougarmail?


They mimic pen and paper, so anything you can do with a sheet of paper, you can do with Mockups/myBalsamiq

Actually you can do way more with pen and paper :slight_smile: You can cut out the ‘phone screen’ from a sheet of paper, and then print/draw the content on a tall strip of paper, and then you can move that behind the phone to simulate scroll :smiley: