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"select mockup" dropdown menu doesn't scroll



I have a project with many (50+) mockups. If I choose to hide the mockup navigator panel on the left and instead use the “select mockup” dropdown button that appears next to it, I can’t select the bottom-most mockups because the dropdown doesn’t scroll (see below). It would be great to be able to select those mockups!



Hey Burton,

Thanks for pointing this out to us. I’ll add it to our list, and we’ll consider it. That really is annoying. :frowning:

If you’re close to them, you could use the keyboard shortcuts to navigate through mockups: CTRL+TAB for the next one and SHIFT+CTRL+TAB for the previous one. Sorry it’s not easier!


I have had this same problem in the Full Screen Presentation mode:

The work around I used was to toggle in and out of full screen presentation mode, although this is clearly less than desirable.

Fixing this would greatly improve the usability of Full Screen mode with large numbers of mockups.


Totally agree @paulshoughton!
This one is on our to fix list! We’ll let you guys know when it’s available.

Thanks for the report! :slight_smile: