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Select mockups to copy one or more symbols to each selected mockup


It’d be great to be able to select mockups in a project and then add a component (symbol or whatever) to each selected mockup. It’d be cool to also be able to delete a given component or symbol from all selected mockups.


Hi @DrMad,

Thanks for reaching out about this!

You can actually use the Symbols feature to add/remove controls on multiple mockups at one. When using the Edit Source functionality (as shown below), any control you add or remove from the symbol will be reflected on all mockups using this symbol.

Would that work for you? In case you are looking for something different, I’d love to hear more details about your use case.
We’ll do our best to help with this! :slight_smile:


Thanx. But this is not what I asked for. Please re-read my initial suggestion. What I’d want is to select mockups, and then add (or delete) a component (including symbols) to (from) all selected mockups


Hi @DrMad,

Totally get you point here, I just wanted to make sure you knew about this one. :slight_smile:
I’ve added your request to our internal tool so we can review it with the team.

Thanks for sharing your idea with us!