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Select objects while there is a transparent box or rectangle front of it


This question a little bit related to this topic.

When I create a wireframe with eg. a pop-up dialog then I would like to add a grey background between the UI components and the dialog.

In this use case, I am not able to select and modify the component at the back because always the foreground component (the transparent image or grey rectangle) is selected.

What I doing now is this: I move a little bit up-down-left-right the background layer with SHTFT + left, modify the components under the grey layer, and move back the grey rectangle.

Is there another, more efficient way to select components in this use case? Does your app have a “component hierarchy tree view”, where I can click and select components that were added to the wireframe?

I give you 3 examples:

Hi @zappee!

The easiest way to select (and modify) a UI control in this case is to right-click on it and select the corresponding option from the context menu, as show below.

I also wanted to mention that there is a dedicated Modal Screen control if needed.

Any questions, we’re here!

I see, Thx.