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Select PDF destination


For my project documentation (BRD) I need a screen image for each section as a visual aide. In my mockups, when I select CTRL-P from the screen I’m on, a ‘Select PDF destination’ dialog box opens.

Why do I have to continuously drill down through a dozen folders to get to the same place each time?
Why doesn’t the application save the path so it’ll be there next time I need it?

I could understand if I closed the application but this is not the case.



The default behavior appears to be for the destination folder to always be the location of the bmpr file. Whilst I have never felt the need to navigate to another folder for exporting I agree that if I had manually chosen another destination that it should be remembered if I chose to export again.


Support seems to building for a modification in the next release.


Hi @Michael_Paparo,

I added the request in our internal tracker as this seem to affect Windows but not Mac environments. We’ll have a look and see if we can change it in Windows too.

Thanks for the feedback!


I’m typically working on 15-20 mock-up projects at any one time and would definitely benefit from the default save location for Export to PDF to be the same location as the BMPR I am exporting. (With the option to choose somewhere different if necessary.)

Sometimes it seems to pick the right location but other times it chooses the previous project’s location. (I.e. the location I last exported the PDF to.)

We use PDF’s to share with customers and internal staff who aren’t directly working in development.