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Select Unused Images - bug?


Hi guys,

I’ve recently discovered the ‘Select Unused Images’ feature, which helps me reduce my project sizes.

However, the selection is including images that are not, in fact, unused! When I select unused images and then move them to Trash, I get a lot of placeholder image rectangles, where previously there were images.

It seems to be only bitmap images (ones I’ve cut and pasted from another source) that are affected.




Hi @MikeH,

Sorry for the unexpected result, definitely not the behaviour intended!

I’m surprised since .BMP files are not supported in Mockups, so they shouldn’t appear on the Canvas in the first place. They should only be listed in your assets list.

Is there any chance that you didn’t empty the trash yet?
If you can retrieve these specific image files, would you mind sharing them via so we can dig this deeper?

Also, looking in your local backups might help to find a recent version of the file that still have the files in your BMPR project.

I’ll stand by for your reply, my friend, and we’ll go from there.


Hi @Virgin

No problem – I was able to restore a backup if you’d like me to send it to you?

Sorry for the confusion: the images were not actually .bmp files. They were images I captured using the Mac’s built-in screen-grab tool, and then pasted directly into Mockups.


Hey @MikeH,

That would be very helpful if you could share it with us. We’ll dig it deeper and keep you posted. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the details and report, my friend.