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Sending mockup to trash


I created a project based on a menu structure witch contains sub-menus. Now, due to organizational changes, some of those sub-menus are no longer needed.

Is there some way to see which mockups use these old menus rather than going through each mockup. (I have close to 50)



Yikes, that’s a big project!

If the menu structure was set up as a symbol, you can go into the Symbol Browser (VIEW—>Symbols), click on the menu structure symbol in the Navigator on the left, and you will see what mockups it is used in right below the notes on the right hand side:

If it’s not showing the notes on the right, click on an empty part of the canvas.

If it wasn’t set up as a symbol, I’d be happy to go through and delete them manually for you. Just let me know what works best for you!


That’ll do it Brendan, exactly what I wanted.