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Set duplicated control distance


Continuing the discussion from Different UI Shortcuts:

Could we introduce a keyboard shortcut that manually alters the duplication distance? I may duplicate a control with Ctrl+D, then precisely move it using keyboard arrows. If I duplicate that second control, it may not take it’s current position into account (especially if I have clicked the canvas for a better view), either duplicating at default distance, or from the first location I moved it (before readjusting).

If after readjusting I were to press Ctrl+Shift+D for example, the software could calculate the current distance for the selected object from the one that spawned it and use that value for the next Ctrl+D press.


Totally see you point here @Ryan. We made the duplicate action this way: it will remember the distance and position for you next duplicate item as long as you don’t deselect or do other actions in between. It will even remember the moves made using the arrow keys, as shown below:

The key point here is to keep the item selected during the duplication/move process.

Let us know if you need anything else!


I think were I’m going wrong (and deselcting) is either 1) to better see the alignment with other objects (such as datagrid rows) and/or 2) editing the text before moving on.