Set markup as official?


I select Export to PDF and one of the radio button options is A set of mockups. To the right of that are:
active official all none

“official” makes me think there is some way of settiing some markups as official and only those will be exported, which is something I would like to be able to do. But I do not see any way to set a markup as official.
Do I understand this functionality correctly? And if so, how do I set a markup as official?


Hey @emnrd, sorry for the confusion with this.

Active and Official have to do with Mockup Alternates. To best explain this, let me use a screenshot as an example.


In this screenshot of the Alternate panel, I have one official and three alternate versions of a Mockup.

In the export dialog, if I choose “active” that means that Alternate 998z will be exported because it is the version of the Mockup that I have selected and am working on.

If instead I choose “Official”, it will export the official version of the mockup, even though the alternate is selected.

If I choose “All”, it will export the official version and all three alternates.

Does that make sense?

You can promote any alternate to the official version by right-clicking on it and selecting Promote to Official.

Let me know if that helps, or if you have any questions. Sorry again for the confusion, my friend. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply. So I did indeed not understand the functionality. In that case, my question becomes … is there a way to remember a set of mockups that are to be exported?


There isn’t, @emnrd, but that’s an interesting idea. Do you find yourself having to exporting the same subset of mockups? Would it be easier to put them in their own project?

Tell me more about this and we can hash out a feature request for it. :slight_smile:


This isn’t a real big deal. I can checkboxes as needed. I have one mockup that I call “junk” that contains components that perhaps I had created and used on another “real” mockup but then decided I didn’t need it, but I keep it around in case I change my mind. So I don’t want to export “junk” .


Ahh, I see. That makes sense.

If they are controls (and groups of controls), would turning them into symbols help? That way, they would be available to you even if you deleted your junk mockup.


I like the idea of the possibility to export a subset of mockups for a future release.

Right now I don’t have projects with many (alternative) mockups and I use emnrd’s workflow.

But in the future there likely will be projects with official mockups and sets of alternative mockups.

So, if I’m not the only one who likes this and you’re planning to add functionality to the export this would be a nice feature.


Thanks, @Oscar. And just to be clear, we are talking about Mockups that are not alternates of existing ones, right? Kind of “dumping grounds” for things that aren’t being used in your other mockups and wireframes.


Yes, these projects will have ‘real’ mockups; no ‘dumping grounds’.

I use a separate project for ‘junk’ mockups that aren’t used in the real project(s)
but for some reason I still want to keep.


Ahh, I see.

You can select a subset of mockups in the Export dialog right now, @Oscar. But you’re looking for those selections to be remembered so that you don’t have to select them each time?


Yes, that’s the idea.

As a simple/small example, if I have a set of mockups like:
Official 1
Alternate 1A
Alternate 1B
Official 2
Alternate 2A
Alternate 2B

And in previous client discussions it was decided that alternate 1A and alternate 2B are out of the selection for now, but may become eligible again and shouldn’t be discarded right now.

When there are changes in the other mockups it would be nice if the pdf-export would ‘remember’ to export official 1, alternate 1B, official 2 and alternate 2A.
For a small set of mockups like this example it’s easy checkmark the mockups on export, for a larger set remembering would be nice.