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Set the font size and label colour for "Icon and Label"


There is no mechanism to set the font size for the “Icon and Label” element.

It would also be really handy to be able to specify the label colour independently from the icon colour. (Without having to use {color} tags in the label text.)


The work around of grouping separate a label and icon element is fiddly and lacks the elegance of the icon and label element.


Hey Paul!

You are not the first person to ask for label color control on the Icon+Label. I have added your vote to that request. :slight_smile:

Font size, however, should already be a part of the control. What version of Mockups are you using?


Hi. I’m using 3.5.13 on Mac OS. I just see Bold, Italic and Underline options.


Ah, yeah, there was a weird bug where text size disappeared in .13. I’m sorry about that, Paul.

If you update to 3.5.14, the option will reappear.


I can confirm that the font size option is present in 3.5.14. Great news. Thanks for the heads-up.