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Setting size of a work item manually

Resizing an item is painful to me.
Problem 1: Losing the aspect ratio when changing the size of an item.
Proposed Solution 1: Adding a checkbox [x]Lock aspect ratio (Default is selected).
Problem 2: Assume I want to resize an image that’s current size is W:200, H:200 to W:50, H:50. To do that, I click on the width and start typing 50. When I do that, it autoselects all and sets 10 when I type 5 because BC thinks that the width of the image tried to be entered as one digit. To achieve my goal in setting the new sizes as desired, I have to scale the image down by dragging its bounds to the exact number or expanding the item to a point greater than 500 and smaller than 510 than deleting the last digit of the number.
Proposed Solution 2: Remove dynamic resizing. Alternatively, keep dynamic resizing but only autocorrect the intended sizes less than 2 digits to 10.

Thank you,

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Hi @canatilgan and thanks for posting about this.

  1. I’ll add your vote for adding the option in the Property inspector but in the meantime, you can maintain the aspect ratio by pressing SHIFT while resizing an item.

  2. That one is a bug so I’ll pass it to our dev team and we’ll get it fixed!

Thanks a lot! Any questions, we’re here.

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Can you add my vote for adding the option in the Property inspector? I’ve also experienced canatilgan’s problem many times. I had no idea that pressing SHIFT would preserve the aspect ratio.