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Shape border is not affected by opacity setting


This probably affects other objects as well, but I’m specifically using the Shape object.

The “Color” panel in the object inspector has options for Background and Border colours, and then an Opacity control.

However, this opacity control only seems to affect the “Background” colour of the object, and NOT the “Border” colour. Since you cannot set the shape to have NO border, usually the border will stand out because it is not at the same opacity as the background colour.

I can work around it somewhat with a similar colour to the background, but it’s still noticeable.


Hey @ahobday!

You are not the first to notice this, and I think it’s a conversation worth revisiting. I will give them a nudge and see if this is something we can fit into the schedule :slight_smile:

Thanks for awesome feedback, as per usual! Keep it coming :tada: