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Shapes defaults


Interested to see if others use shapes similarly to myself - 90% of the time I use them for vertically centred text with rounded borders.

If this is common, I’d like to see the following:

  1. Default to rounded rectangle shape instead of the rarely used circle shape
  2. Text colour selector added to the property inspector
  3. Do not increase border width as shape size increases, or at least add a manual control for it I have different sized shapes next to each other and I wand them all to have the same border width.

Using a rectangle instead is less convenient as it requires labels and I find the rounded edges are too rounded to be useful for designs.

Thumbs up if you agree


Hey @Ryan,

Thanks for sharing your use of the Shape control.

  1. Not sure if most people use it for rounded rectangles but I’m adding your vote for a story that would probably help everyone: Remember the last selected shape :slight_smile:

  2. Totally see the need for this. I’ve added your vote there too.

  3. Got it! Adding your vote for the ability to set the border width manually.

Once again, thanks for your input!


Thanks @Virgin, your proposed solutions are perfectly acceptable. I went with wireframe mode as a workaround for #3 today, but you’ve probably already figured that out.


That’s another handy workaround indeed, good catch!

I didn’t suggest it because reading your second post, it sounds like you’re using the Sketch skin more. Glad that this works for you while we think about improving it for the future. :slight_smile: