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Sharing unavailable from Google Drive

I’ve just signed up for a 30 day free trial for the Google Drive product and I’m struggling to share a wireframe with a colleague. Each time I’ve clicked the blue “share” button in the top right a dialog window pops up with a spinner and eventually just says “Sorry, sharing is unavailable at this time. Please try again later.”

I’ve tried two different computers and two different browsers (Firefox and Safari - not Chrome as we’re not allowed because of the extra updaters/junk that gets installed with Chrome). The rest of the app works fine in those two browsers, but not the share button it seems?

Hi @dansoton and sorry for the trouble.

Could you please try to share the project from Google Drive instead, as detailed here?


Does it make any difference?

Please let us know if the issue persists after these steps. We’ll do everything we can to help!

Hi Virgin, thanks for your reply.

I’ve shared the project via Google Drive and will get my colleague to open it shortly and get back to you.

One thing I am obviously keen to use is the online collaboration functionality Balsamiq has including adding comments etc and seeing realtime changes, so not sure if just sharing via Google Drive will be sufficient, or if I still need to share through the app?

I did retry again today at clicking the ‘Share’ button in the app after, but ran into the same error message.

I’ll update this topic once my colleague as opened the project.


Hey @dansoton,

Sharing via the in-app button and sharing via your main Google Drive page are two routes to the same destination. If you’re able to share via the main Google Drive page, you and your colleague will be able to collaborate on the project together in real time.

It would be great to resolve the in-app sharing issue. We see this occasionally and it’s usually related to a cookie issue in Google Drive. Please log out of Google Drive, delete any and all Google Drive-related cookies, clear your cache for good measure and log back in?

Does the problem persist?

Thanks for your reply @alasdair, that helps me understand things more. I can confirm that after sharing through Google Drive itself all the collaboration functionality worked, so I have no real outstanding issues.

I did also try in-app sharing in a private session (aka incognito mode etc) and so re-logged into my Google account and yes in-app sharing did work!

I wonder if it doesn’t work in my normal browser session because I have 3 separate google accounts I’m logged into? As I have urls such as:,, and perhaps the app struggles with that?

It’s not really an issue as the workaround to share via Google Drive is trivial.

Thanks for your help,

Good news @dansoton. Thanks for letting me know.

We think it’s account/cookie related and your comment here is helpful. If you get a moment, could you try logging out of all your Google accounts then log back in only to the account you use with Balsamiq Wireframes for Google Drive then try the in-app sharing? Same result or great success? :slight_smile: