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Shortcut keys for text styling in text edit mode

I’d love to be able to insert text styling characters into the text editor by using the normal shortcut keys, e.g. ctrl-b for bold, ctrl-i for italics. If I have text selected in the editor, insert the appropriate symbols around the selected text. Slack does this nicely as an example.

So this one is a little weird, @JarrettUX and I’m going to see if we can do something better here.

Right now, the shortcut keys do work, but it’s for the entire control (and you cannot be editing it).

Let me see if we can make it work the way slack does it.

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Omg. Put me down as a +1 for this feature.

In fact, I’d like it for all text formatting and not just the basic italic, bold, and underline. So something to enter a forced line break - /r. SHIFT+ENTER perhaps? And something to enter the beginning and end of size and colour (where the beginning inserts the brace, the key, and the colon, ready for the value}. E.g., CTRL+[ and CTRL+ALT+[ (or CTRL+]) for size. Maybe CTRL+# and CTRL+ALT+# for color?

Anyway, you get my point. :slight_smile:

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I have been using a combination of Keyboard Maestro (KM) and TextExpander (TE) to work with text.

For example,

  • I have the ⌥⌘B shortcut (KM macro) to make the selected text Bold
  • And the .size TE snippet to insert the {size:}{size} text with the cursor position after the colon

I know that it’s not like having it native to the application, and Keyboard Maestro is a macOS app so it’s not available to anyone. But, if you have a Mac with those applications, they are a real time saver!

Here is a link to my Keyboard Maestro group with all the different shortcuts I have created for working with Balsamiq.

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I might steal a couple of these…

Thanks @mkhudon!