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Shortcut status for Wireframes version 4.x?

Version 4.x of Balsamiq has been out for a few years now. I would like to have you consider the possibility to add shortcuts to access symbols and assets. There was a request for that dating back to 2016, that is nearly 6 years. Still no change.

It does not seem very intuitive that you can do almost anything with keyboard in Balsamiq (which is why this software is so simple to use) but it’s impossible to switch TO symbols or assets using keys. I have to use menus.

Yes, I could use AutoHotKey or similar, but it’s a hack.

Best xmas present for this year: a functional user-defineable mapping beween shortcut and function, including every function :slight_smile:

Thanks for reviving this topic, @hsatech.

We have been working on rewriting the app completely for a few years but we’re now adding back new features and trying to address the most requested/pressing topics first. This one is not on top of the list but a few users have been asking about it over the years indeed.

I’ll make sure to add your vote for it and we’ll talk about it with the team. Thanks again!

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Whilst not as quick as a shortcut dedicated to adding a new symbol of a particular type, I currently use the following method to quickly add symbols to a wireframe:

  1. Preparation - Ensure each symbol is nicely named.
  2. Hit the “/” key to give focus to the search box.
  3. Type a keyword - e.g. “menu” - to return a small number of matching symbols.
  4. Select using cursor keys and hit Enter.

I agree that definable shortcuts to commonly used symbols would be very helpful. (And quicker than the above.)

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