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Shortcut Text Size dont work?

Hi. In my Balsamiq Desktop version, I select a text box and press CTRL + ] to increase the size of the text. But nothing happens. On the Windows keyboard I type the ] Sign using the combination CTRL + Alt + 9. Am I doing something wrong here?

Hi @worxer and thanks for joining our forums.

Do you need a modifier key [ and ]?
I do because I’m using a French keyboard and I can only get the shortcut to work by using a Keyboard viewer with the US keyboard selected so I thought you might be in the same case.

Let us know and we’ll dig deeper if needed!

This is it! After switching to US keyboard, it works with my German keyboard layout with CTRL + Ü and CTRL + *.

Thank you.

But … To use the shortcut I would have to change the keyboard layout again and again. This makes little sense. It should be considered to assign the corresponding shortcut differently in the future, so that users with non-US layouts can also use the function.

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