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Should cloning a mockup, clone its alternates too?


Personally I use cloning very often to just start the next mockup, even if it is a completely separate page. Now with the new feature of alternate mockups, I have many irrelevant alternates in my mockup that I have to delete.

So what do you guys think? Should cloning a mockup also keep the alternates or not?

I realize there is some danger, that people will expect that clone is 1:1 including alternates. Would be curious to hear other oppinions.


I use cloning the same way you do.
So maybe there should be an option to exclude or include alternate mockups…


I think providing the option which alternate to clone would be great. I can see where this comes in handy as I use cloning a lot and might want to clone with an alternate and promote it to the official to continue working.

One additional item though I would like to see, is the option when promoting an alternate to official, to make the current official an alternate, rather than overwrite. Yes, I know the work-around is to first make the official another alternative, and than promote one of the alternates, but this would combine multiple steps into one (all you really need is a check-box) when you select to promote.



This is a good question, I can see people wanting to do it both ways.

Maybe this is one of those cases in which interrupting the user with a dialog might make sense: if the mockup has alternates and you clone it, show this:

The other option (which maybe I prefer) would be to leave the regular Clone as it is but add a little menu to the “Official Version” item in the Alternates panel that has a “Clone as New Mockup” item, which only clones that Alternate. We could add that same menu item for alternates as well, as it might save a few clicks. Thoughts?


There’s actually already a topic for this very point :grinning:

Oh, and I also think having the option to “clone with alternates” or “only clone selected” is a good one.


I prefer the export to PDF concept: list all the alternate version to check for copies:

Copy mockup and the following alternates:
[x] alternate version 1
[ ] alternate version 2
[x] alternate version 3

[Clone] [Cancel]