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I’ve been using Balsamiq now for a bit, and know my way around it well enough, but there are loads of things that I am not aware of, or maybe I do differently to others who might have a much more effective way of doing the same thing.

Is there anywhere with examples of some mock-ups that people have done, that users could maybe download and look at, or could you perhaps showcase a good mockup every week that someone has submitted? It might be interesting to see how others use Balsamiq, compared to how I use it.


Hey @duncliffe

If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out our Champions Blog that showcases how different folks use Mockups 3 and myBalsamiq.

Beyond that, we have our Mockups To Go community site that is filled with user created symbols and mockups that you can import into your projects.

And we also have the free Udemy and Skillshare courses on Mockups 3, which may help you as well.

Check those out and let us know what you think :slight_smile: