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Showing multiple tooltip popups


So I have a form that I’m adding tooltips to associated radio buttons in a group. These buttons are closely horizontally stacked.
So there will be a question icon directly to the right of the radio buttons that will generate a popup balloon.
In a prior mock I had a solo tooltip that I could demo by making it the tooltip balloon “metadata” so I could toggle it via the show metadata feature.
However, if I were to use this same technique in this case these two balloons will overlap each other.
Is there some way where I can show these two separately other than generating a clone of each case and linking icons to the clone showing the respective balloon?



Hi @karlkras and thanks for getting in touch about this.

It sounds like you’re using our linking feature to demonstrate those different states, right?
Overlapping links can be tricky to manage indeed, so I would recommend using two separate wirefames for this need.

That being said, it’s hard to tell without seeing your specific use case so feel free to share it via in case you want us to take a closer look.

We’ll do our best to help! :slight_smile:


Well yeah, I was hoping to have a better hovering simulation without having to actually click on the tooltip icon. Guess that’s the recommended technique?


Yes, the linking feature is the recommended and only way to achieve this in our starter tool indeed. We don’t plan on doing deeper interaction features, as detailed here.

Any questions, we’re here!


That’s too bad, and I’m overall very happy with your application. However (there’s always a ‘however’), as I understand it, it’s Balsamiq’s position to keep the interface as “pencil and paper” like as possible. But you have broken that paradigm by adding links, thankfully.
But how hard would it be to create a tooltip control component that you:

  1. Select an icon (type, size, etc.),
  2. Enter your popup text,

And it simply hides/shows the tooltip balloon upon onmouseover, onmouseout events on that icon.
And I would think this functionality could be expanded for all sorts of cool effects.

Just saying,


Totally get your need on this one, Karl, but as you mentioned, this would go against our “starter tool” philosophy.

Our tool is meant to be a low-fidelity wireframing tool that is fun and easy-to-use. This is why we try to avoid adding complexity to it as much as possible.

That being said, you should definitely use a tool (or multiple ones) that fits your needs the best. You may want to take a look at this page for tips and directions about different tools that could be used as “next steps” tools.

Sorry that I don’t have a better answer for this one but I wouldn’t want you to expect a feature that we don’t plan to build for now.

Hope this helps! Thanks again for bringing the topic. :slight_smile: