Shrinking B3 window causes some horizontal scrolling

Possibly related to the below issue, I’ve noticed in Mockups 3.0.8 that shrinking the window causes the page to auto-scroll to approximately the middle of the mockup, horizontally. I can’t exactly identify what the behavior is, but I know it ends up with me having to scroll to the left on a ton of screens to get back to the content.

Here’s the workflow that most frequently causes this behavior:

  1. I’m working at my desk, with Balsamiq Mockups taking up a good portion of my 27 inch monitor - and all the content in the mockup is generally aligned to the left.
  2. I move Mockups to a projector with a small resolution, and my B3 window shrinks accordingly.
  3. Every time I switch to a page, the mockup is horizontally scrolled at least part of the way to the right, and I have to scroll it back to the left edge.

It’s fairly irritating if you are going through a set of 20-30 mockups, and the first time you open each one, you have to scroll it to the left.

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I’m having this problem as well, after switching from my large desktop display to standalone laptop and then back to the large monitor. Having to drag / horizontally scroll every. dang. mockup. back into full view is pretty annoying, to be honest.

(In my case I’m switching between a 27-inch monitor running at 2560x1440 and a 14-inch built-in laptop screen running at 1600x900, and projector running at some lower resolution than that.)

Definitely a bug, @ebow, and I’m sorry about that. We will get it fixed.

In the interim, to save you some time (and frustration) try using Zoom-To-Fit (CMD + 0 on OS X, CTRL + 0 on Windows) and then Actual Size (CMD + 1 or CTRL + 1.)

It’s not perfect, but it may be easier than manually scrolling.

Thanks for reporting this @mrdehate and @ebow. Please let us know if you see anything else! :smiley:


Thanks for the tip. I can hit Ctrl-0 then Ctrl-1 pretty quickly, so this should cover me for now.

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