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Site map - How do I make longer labels or multi line?


The text i’m entering for the label is too long. seems to be a char limit around 9.
i’ve tried the \r to add a carriage return, but that isn’t working.



Hi @cdonovanrn and sorry for the hassle.

I’ve just checked and the multi-line workaround seems to work fine on my end, as shown below.

If the issue persists, could you please let us know which product (and version) you’re using?

We’ll do our best to help!


I’ve gotten it to work intermittently.
It appears at a point the text in the map will all cut off.

Are there any known limitations?

I bought specifically for this tool for a class. Really lov ed th he product.

Copy paste seemed to break it too.


Sorry to hear that, @cdonovanrn.

We would like to try and reproduce this issue on our end. Would it be possible to share the related project with us via along with reproducible steps?
Your data will be kept confidential and only long enough to try to debug this issue.