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Size of button hotspots in PDFs


Are the button hotspots (i.e., clickable region) in PDFs (when optimized for viewing) limited to the little white arrows? Or can I get a larger hotspot as seen in the presentation view? And if I export and show link hints, the pink spot isn’t clickable. In fact, I can’t get the links to work at all when I use these parameters. I haven’t included mock-up names or page numbers (which from other posts seems to cause a problem).

Non-technical users are going to try to click anywhere on the button itself (as you would in a real website). They won’t know to aim for the bottom right corner of a button. I’ve read through the forums and tutorials, but think I’m still missing something.

I’m considering buying this product but this functionality is important to me. FYI, I have the trial of the most recent version.


Hey @Hippocampus, I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you about this, it’s been a crazy day.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this problem on either OS X or Windows. All my exported PDFs (both optimized for viewing and scaled) have hotspots the size of the whole button.

If you have a moment this weekend, shoot me an email at and lets see if we can’t dig deeper to figure out what’s going on.

Sorry for the hassle!


So for those who are interested, I just got a new computer and have Office 365 installed. Apparently, this comes with a built-in PDF viewer. When I would view my exported PDF, it would open in this viewer and the links wouldn’t work. However, when I installed Adobe Reader, my links work perfectly!

Loving this product. And the tech support is STELLAR.