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Skip selections in Undo


I’d like to suggest that skipping selections in the undo sequence would create a better experience. When I’m undoing, selections cause me quite a few mistakes. It takes too much to go backwards and it makes me unsure of what I’m really undoing since the visual feedback of deselections is not noticeable.

I’m using Mockups 3 for Mac.



Thanks for the idea, José!

Unfortunately, I think it would be tricky to implement because some users will want to keep selections in the undo chain. It would require an interface to support it.

I’ve added it to our feature request tracker so that we can discuss whether or not it’s something in scope or not. We want to avoid feature/option bloat as much as possible, but we also want to make sure that features that our customers are requesting get considered.

Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us today, José, and keep the ideas coming!


I was about to make a new thread to ask this as well.

It seems odd to me that pressing Ctrl+Z once simply selects the last object I had selected without actually undoing the latest change to it. If I feel the need to press CtrL+Z many times then it’s quite a laborious process.


Totally understand that, @Ryan.

The Undo chain is something we are going to be touching as soon as our native desktop apps are available, so this is something we will be looking at.

The way that I keep it in my head is that undo is literally stepping back one step, even if that step was deselecting something.

Do other apps behave differently in this regard?


Coming from an Office background this is what I’ve come to expect :slight_smile:


I started using Balsamiq last week and have already identified this as strange - no app I have every used has selections as part of the undo stream (I’m not sure what the use case is for this?). If I want to undo a selection, I just click something else or press escape in other apps :slight_smile:

I’m reviving this so that my vote can be added (a new thread wouldn’t include previous votes/posts)


Thanks @dhd.

Something we will definitely be talking about after we ship our native apps. :slight_smile: