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Small changes for the worse in the new version: position copy & save to image


Hello dear Balsamiq team,

two changes that for me are for the worse in version 3 of Balsamiq Desktop.

  1. Before I could copy the object position x,y (example: 200x300) and paste it to a similar object in another Mock-up for quick alignment of objects among Mock-sup, but I cannot do that now. What is the value of separating the x,y values in different text boxes anyway?

  2. When I choose to save a Mock-up as .png it does not remember the directory that I chose for saving a png in a previous time. It always defaults to the project directory and I then have to navigate every time! It should either save it in the project directory by default like in the previous version (I think), or remember the last path used.

In general, this is an excellent improvement over version 2.

Best Regards,


Hi Ari,

Thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback on our little tool, that is very much appreciated.

  1. I understand how useful this was to quickly use X,Y values and copy/paste them in different mockups. The value of separating them is measurable when you need to modify only one value for instance, but I can totally get your point here, so I added your vote for this feature request in our internal tracker, so we can consider it for the future.

  2. We actually fixed this one in a recent release.
    If you’re not running the latest version (3.1.9), would you mind grabbing it here and give it a try?

Hope this helps! :smile:


Hello Virgin,

I am using version 3.1.9, I hope I am not doing something wrong.

Thanks for the feedback!


You’re right @mastrokostasa, it defaults to the project folder every time on Windows. I’m going to check with our developers as to whether or not we have control of this, or if it’s a function of the Windows save dialog.

It’s definitely how we would like it to work, so I’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as I have one!