Smartphone turns into iphone after importing from .bmml zip folder



I had produced my mockups with a smartphone icon/interface. I exported my files into a .bmml zip and then imported into another project.

What happened after that shocked me. All my smartphones turned into iPhone 4 interfaces. Basically making my prototypes unusable. May I know if theres any workaround this?


Hi @Goh_Ser_Ming and sorry for the hassle with this.

The Smartphone controls were transformed to iPhone controls because our previous editor version (which uses the BMML file format) didn’t have the Smartphone control created at the time.

Are you moving your project to another Mockups 3 product by any chance?
If that is the case, you can directly open the BMPR file there, without having to export it to another format.

Also, if you need to move mockups from one project to another, you can directly drag them there.

Hope this helps! We’ll be here if you need anything else. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the prompt reply. That’s really sad to know as I was instructed to submit my files in .bmml format. (This is for a school assignment.) I will let my instructors know about this.

Thank you.


Hi @Goh_Ser_Ming,

In case that does not work for your instructors, you could replace your smartphone controls with those Mockups To Go ones. They will be easily converted to BMML files if needed since they are symbols.

You will find more details about Mockups To Go elements and the way to use them on this page.

Sorry again for the hassle with this, my friend.