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Snagit-like ability to wireframe'ize a screenshot would be way cool


TechSmith’s Snagit lets you take a screenshot and then edit it! It’s a tad rudimentary but the potential is incredible. I wish I could take a screenshot of a website and then ‘Balsamiq’ize’ it so I could instantly mockup a change.

Imagine the possibilities!!


HI @Rich_Kingsford,

Thanks so much for the post and for the suggestion. This is definitely something that’s come up before. There’s some related discussion here with links to a couple of (third-party) resources: Importing website layout.

You may also want to check out It’s a browser-based ‘bookmarklet’ which aims to convert sites to wireframes. The tool supports export to Balsamiq in the (paid) Pro version.

I’ll add your vote in support of a Balsamiq tool to do this. Full disclosure: right now much of our focus is on getting the new, native desktop apps out of the door so new features like this are taking a bit of a back seat for now.

Thanks again for the feedback.


Thank you! I reviewed wirify but was not impressed. Can’t wait for the feature!