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Snap-back occurring when duplicating and dragging UI elements using Alt+Click+Drag


Version: 3.0.4 - 03/23/2015 16:19

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open up a new or existing mockup
  2. Add any UI element to the page
  3. Click once to highlight the newly added UI element
  4. Hold down the Alt key
  5. With the Alt key held down, click and drag the highlighted UI element to duplicate (do not let go of the left mouse button)
  6. Let go of the Alt key
  7. With the left mouse button still held down, drag the duplicated UI element in any direction

What Should Happen:
After letting go of the Alt key, the newly duplicated UI element should remain wherever I have dragged it on the graph. Once I start dragging the UI element elsewhere, that UI element should move directly under the cursor.

What Actually Happens:
After letting go of the Alt key, the newly duplicated UI element does remain in its spot; however; the moment I drag the UI element anywhere else, the UI element “snaps” back so that it’s directly on top of the original UI element.

See attached GIF for visual:


Thanks for the super detailed steps.
The issue is in all new versions. We’ll take a look.

If you release first the mouse then it works as expected.


Whoa @cko this is awesome! Aside from the bug (which as Florian mentioned, wis now on our list and we’ll get fixed), I love the gif you made to illustrate the issue. Would you mind sharing how you created it? If it’s simple, this would be a really nice thing to get with bug reports. Thanks a ton!


Hi @ben! I just used GifCam to capture my screen. It’s extremely simple to use; however, there is no Apple version (but a quick google search shows that there are alternatives for anyone on a Mac).

At my previous company, we used GifCam exactly for the reason you mentioned—to capture and report bugs in conjunction with JIRA.


Hi @Florian_Brauer, I’ve been doing that in the meantime, but it’s just a little frustrating because I’m so used to having that flexibility of letting go of the Alt key (both in Balsamiq 2 and in PS). It’s more of a UX issue than anything else, but UX is what I do for a living. (:


Yeah, totally agree. It’s an annoying thing. It’s on our list, and we’ll take care of it!


Thank you @cko for mentioning GifCam, didn’t even know about it until this post.


As a follow-on to this issue, it’s not just the Alt key - similar weird behavior happens when you use the Command or Shift keys along with a click and drag.


Hmm, what are you seeing? Holding should temporarily disable snapping, and holding should constrain your move so that it is directly vertical or horizontal. I just tried it again, and those seem to work properly. Could you share a bit more? Thanks!


Well, in the spirit of this issue, here’s a GIF! Mine isn’t quite as nice, but I think it gets the point across =)

First I’m holding Command in this example, then Shift.

I drag an object to a new location, then tap literally any key on the keyboard, it will snap back to the original location.


If a picture’s worth 1000 words, a gif is worth 1000 pictures. :smile: Thank you for sharing that! We’ll tackle it.


I have a similar issue, but it happens when I click-drag anything at all. Things jump all over the place. It even happens when I use the keyboard arrows to move incrementally – sometimes elements disappear entirely off the screen.


Sorry to hear that @heidster. I’ve just replied on the other thread you’ve created and will investigate it further once you send us your reply via "". We’ll get to the bottom of this!


OK, thanks! I should have added that this is intermittent. Quitting and restarting Balsamiq solves it but it tends to come back. I notice it is less of an issue if I only have one or two Mockups in a project … but more of an issue in projects with a lot of assets/symbols/mockups.