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Snap to edges of 'Browser' and 'Window' controls



when positioning a control within a browser or window, the control only snaps to the outer boundary ignoring the title and status bars. Is it possible to make the control snap to the actual content area of the browser or window?

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Hi @bikusta, thanks for your idea. That is a really good idea. There are a few controls that we would like to do this in (iPhone control comes to mind immediately as well as browser). It’s technically quite challenging currently, which affects its priority compared to other things on our list. I’m adding your vote to our internal tracker though. We hope to get here one day!

One thing you could do would be to place a Rectangle control inside the Browser or Window control where you want the content to snap. You could even make it transparent if you want. Then the controls will snap based on that Rectangle and you should get what you are wanting. Something like this maybe:

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Thanks for your reply @ben. The trick with the rectangle works pretty well.