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[SOLVED] Balsamiq3 showing up over Balsamiq4


I downloaded Balsamiq4. I chose to keep Balsamiq3. When I tried to open Balsamiq4, it displays Balsamiq3 in the menu at top (Apple - was using a PC).

Also, the UI Library is disabled in my menu.

WOuld appreciate any help.


Hi @TomN,

Just wondering: what version are you referring to when you mention “Balsamiq4”?

Our latest official version is still version 3 for now, we didn’t release any official new version yet. We’d love to see which download link you’ve used, just to make sure it’s ours. :slight_smile:

On a side note, our next official version will be native (no more Flash/Air needed). Our new web product is already in private beta and Desktop versions will be next!

Quick update: We solved this over email, the tool was in an expired trial mode, so registering solved it.