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[Solved] Drag and drop nested Mockup and lost entire tree


Hello guys,

I’m desperate right now.

I was draging`n dropping my mockups to better organize them, and when I was doing it on a top level node of my mockups it just disappeared. A single mockup inner in the tree shoed up, but I lost over 30 pages I had build. I have a presentation in about 2 hours and I cannot undo this. What happened?? Can I recover a backup or something like that?

I’m using MAC and version 3.5.8

My backups folder is empty.


Hi Joao_Silva

Urgs I am sorry for the trouble.

In the top left corner you see 4 small rectangles. Please click it.
You will see the project in the grid. Your missing mockup should be visible in that view.
Please drag it to a different location. This will fix the broken reference.

If that does not fix the issue please send us the file to

We released recently a new version of our desktop application. You might want to update to 3.5.15 which you can get here:


Thank you so much Florian!

You saved the day.

The mockups missed the nesting, but I could restore all of them.