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Some links work and some don't in PDF export



I’m using myBalsamiq and when I “export to PDF” the links I inserted in my mockups do NOT work. Only some of them work. I can’t figure out what makes them work and what doesn’t. I checked for any broken links and there aren’t any.

My project has 31 screens and I can’t click through all of them :frowning: Is this is bug or am I doing something wrong?



Hey @elifares,

Sorry for all the trouble today, my friend.

There is currently a bug with myBalsamiq where links to mockups with spaces don’t work on exported PDFs. We have a fix for this in the pipeline and hope to release it early next week.

In the interim, if you need a working PDF before we release the fix, you can import your project into Mockups 3 for Desktop using these instructions.

I’m sorry again for all the myB trouble, Eli. We are hard at work at getting it all sorted.


Thanks for the quick reply @Brendan

I’m glad it’s a small issue like this, I can just rename all my slides and replace spaces with dashes then.
I don’t have Mockups 3 for Desktop.



I’m having the same issue in Desktop Mockups 3.5.4 on the Mac.

OK. 3.5.5 seems to fix the issue.


Hi I have the same issue when exporting to PDF, no links work…I have tried a test to rename a couple of wire frames to have no spaces in the wire frame name and they still don’t work in PDF. My current desktop version is 3.5.15 - 10-16-2017…




Sorry about that, Derek. Would it be possible to send us the file to and we can take a look?


actually it was because I was using adobe reader as opposed to “Acrobat Reader DC”, all is good now


The links in the exported PDF of my mockup work the first time I first open the PDF. But when I close the PDF and open again, some (not all ) links are broken. This occurs in Preview on mac, Adobe on mac and windows. No alternatives are in use. I am using Balsamiq Mockups 3.5.15.


Hmm, is it possible that links are overlapping, Gerry?

If you send the file to, we can take a look!


I don’t think they are. The first link on the first page is the only link on that page. I will send a file.


Thanks for sharing the file, @Gerry.

I’ll reply to your email now and we’ll take it from there if that works for you.


Sounds great :smiley: