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Sort Icons UI Library by usage


Icons UI Library is IMO almost useless. It is sorted by name (very often very stupid name, and contrary the original balsamiq icons, they have no aliases) of icon it LOOOOOOOONG one row list with no easy possibility to rotate it and they are only icons, not icons plus text

My idea

  • sort icons by usage of the current user - i guess most of us use only few icons
  • add rotate with mouse wheel over UI library and click, hold and pull rotation (not sure now, if it works with finger on touchscreens, if not, add this as well)
  • left click -> icon, right click (long hold with finger) -> icon + text (or even better - make icon only and icon+text one element with option to select text position left/right/top/bottom/NONE)
  • add meaningfull aliases to some icons as you had with your original icons

(plus my idea with from previous topics with character icon)


Hey @Tomas_Kapler,

I’ll make sure to bring these ideas to the team so we can discuss it further, thanks!

Just wanted to give you some related informations in the meantime:

  • Recently used icons is something that has been requested already so I’ll give it a nudge and add your vote for it.
  • You can actually quickly make an Icon and Label out of an Icon by using the transform feature we recently implemented. You can trigger it by either right-clicking the Icon once you’ve placed it on the canvas, use CTRL+T or from the property inspector. Hope this helps!
  • I’ll see if aliases are something under our control or need to be addressed to FA and I’ll keep you in the loop

As always, thanks for time taken to share your thoughts with us. We truly appreciate it! :slightly_smiling:

EDIT: Font Awesome are indeed defining aliases for their Icon set, please report the obvious ones you are missing here.