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Space out (distribute)


Hi all,

I spent my morning searching for way to distribute (edit/align/space out…) elements precisely, with a specified number of pixels. Does anybody found how to proceed ?

Any help welcome.
Thanks for reading.


Hey @Nux,

While there isn’t a way to specify the spacing for it, we do have the ability to distribute and space out elements evenly. If you select two or more elements, this menu item will become active, allowing you to space them out.

Let me know if that helps!


Hi @Brendan,
Thank you for your help. I noticed this menu and it helped me.
However, I sadly regreted that the the spacing between 2 elements could not be specified. I hope it could be a point of improvement.
Thanks again for your help. Best.


Totally understand, @nux, and I will pass that along to the team!


Could you use a little maths to specify/enter the position of elements manually?

i’e’ if I have objects A B next to each other.

B.position(X axis) minus (A.position(X) plus A.size(X)) = spacing between A and B.

If A is located at 100x200 pixels and is 20 pixels wide, and I want a 10-pixel gap between A and B, then I would specify B’s position as 130x200 (which is 100+20+10). Alternatively you can create a temporary ‘ruler’ rectangle which is the width of the space you need have both objects touch it, before (re)moving it. See here for an image.

If you are dealing with millimetres instead of pixels (i.e. to design a printout to scale) then that isn’t really possible as far as I know.


Hi Ryan,
You’re right, that’s a a possibility. However, things are becoming tricker when we’re spacing out more than 2 objects…


Might be easier to get spacing correct with two items then Ctrl+D to duplicate that spacing and retype any content within.