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Spacebar "Click and drag" panning should be enabled when making a marquee selection


If I press spacebar and click and drag my mouse around, I can pan through the project.

When making a marquee selection, I cannot use spacebar to click and drag.

This means that in Balsamiqs I can only select items currently on my viewport zoom/pan window… unless I hold the marquee near the edges. This is unlike most other graphical applications.


Hey @Colin_Heics

Sorry for the issue with this.

When you are doing a marquee selection, try holding shift. That will allow you to use the spacebar panning, while preserving your selection (and being able to add to it.)

Let me know if that solves your issue, Colin. :smiley:


This is a valid workaround but doesn’t quite address the issue that most graphics applications give the ability to pan with spacebar with executing a marquee selection.

Thanks - this works in the short term but I would really love to see Balsamiqs embrace some of the control and interaction conventions found in other mainstream applications.


Totally understood. I’ve filed a story about it so that we can discuss. Thanks for the idea, @Colin_Heics!

If other folks would find this useful, like or comment below. :slight_smile: