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Special character "lost" when exporting to pdf


I am writing in Danish, where I use the special characters æ, ø and å. When exporting to pdf, the character “å” is missing its little circle on top! (The other two special characters look perfectly fine in the pdf-version)

Is the something to do, to avoid that, such that the circle is expanded along with the “a”?

Hi again - I just tried changing the font, and that worked! In all the other fonts I’ve tried, the characters are copied exactly right to the pdf :+1:

Hey Malene,

I’m sorry it took so long for us to respond here. My Discourse alerts are all messed up!

It sounds like everything is working ok for you, now - is that right? Was Balsamiq Sans the font that you initially had the issue with?

Let me know. I’m sorry again for the trouble. :slight_smile:

No problem. But yes, everything is working fine for me now. Yes, it was the Balsamiq Sans, that didn’t work with the “å”-character.

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