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Standalone Mockups 3 "player"



it would be great to have a possibility to have a standalone player version of the mockups project, similar to PowerPoint show (.pps) files.

This could then be sent to customers, so they can view a proposal and similar.


Hi @Erik_Norman

Thanks for the post and for that suggestion. Did you know that it’s possible to export your wireframes to PDF or PNG for sharing with customers? This would have the same net effect as a player and has the advantage that both PDF and PNG are widely embraced, de-facto standards so your customers typically wouldn’t have to install any further software in order to view.

One other thing - exporting to PDF has an advantage over PNG because your links are maintained.

See: Exporting to PDF

Would that work for you?

All the best,



Hi @Alasdair,

from a functional view you are right, with PDF and full screen the experience is almost the same.
Still, I like that pointer, but the added value compared to development costs would certainly not be justified.