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Standalone version installed under user rights?


I guess this might be probably issue for that planned new version of desktop app, but maybe there would way to do it even for the current Adobe app - it would be great, if it would be possible to install Balsamiq with user rights, not admin rights (aka standalone app) - so instaled into user AppData\Local directory, not \Program Files. The same with the adobe air package - it is a problem in company enviroments, where i need to contact our Support guys for every update. And I also hate, that every day i see the info, that adobe air wants update, when i cannot update it because i am not admin.

P.S.: where will be the new non-air version (circa)? Will it support all the functions from the current one (is it somehow related, or you have to write it from scratch)?


Hey @Tomas_Kapler!

There is a way that you can install Mockups to a specific directory. We have a standalone zip version near the bottom of our Download page that can be unzipped into any directory.

I’m not 100% sure, but that might also prevent the Adobe Air popups.

We are going to start testing a native web app this summer (fingers crossed). Desktop apps will follow that.

Let me know if your situation improves using the standalone version. :slight_smile:


I am blind :slight_smile: I am looking always to the pre releases page, where it is named “windows with air bundled” so i didin’t get it is the standalone version. Will try it and let you know. thx


it seems it works, it even shows it as licensed, so i guess it takes the licese info from the normal version, tomorrow i will let admin uninstall my current version to see, if the license will be kept or i will have to set it up again. Thanks again.

P.S.: if you will be looking for beta tester of your new app (or web app etc) just let me know :slight_smile: