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Still possible to hotlink in to wireframe thumbnails?


A couple of years ago, I was able to dynamically link from GitHub Issues to Balsamiq wireframe preview/thumbnails. It was great — if I edited a wireframe, the change would be reflected in the GitHub Issue. BTW, this was probably a hack that I discovered. Somewhere in the app, there was a place where it’d layout thumbnails in HTML, and I used the image urls from that in my GitHub markdown.

Now, though, coming back to Balsamiq, I can’t figure out how to do this - create a “live link”, so to speak. Any ideas?


Hi @dogweather,

Our web-hosted myBalsamiq app offered links to wireframe images called Image Permalinks.

Our newest web-host app - Balsamiq Cloud - does not offer an equivalent feature (see: Does Cloud Have Image Permalinks?) as we focused on improving the collaborative working features in Cloud.

That said, we track all feature requests so I’ll add your vote in support of adding image permalinks to Cloud.

Thanks for the feedback and all the best.