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Storyboard Suggestion - Star People (Bill Verplank)


Hi! I have been using Balsamiq for a few years now but never for storyboarding. In my HCI class, we are drawing star people for storyboarding and it made me think that would be nice to do with Balsamiq. I am no expert so is this possible? If not, my suggestion is two-fold (1) give us a star person that can be stretched and moved around, and (2) let us stretch icons with perspective (shown in Corel.) There are probably other nice to haves, but I wanted to throw this out. I used to post these on Get Satisfaction but could no longer find that link. I assume the forum is where these go, but if not, I apologize. Thanks!


Hey @moflaherty!

Fear not, these are the forums that replaced our Get Satisfaction forums, so welcome back! :smile:

We definitely want to be able to do more with images and text, but we are kind of limited (right now) due to Flash and Air not supporting vector images. That being said, we are hard at work at native (non flash/air) versions of our apps, and will definitely revisit text stuff then.

As for the star person, I had never seen that before. I googled around, and it seems to be a pretty important thing for storyboarding. I will add it to our feature tracker so that we can discuss it!

Now that you have found us again, I hope to hear a lot more suggestions from you!

We will be here :+1:


Thanks! In case you want a crash course, this is the course I am in: Interaction Design Specialization


Interesting Video


That is actually the article I linked to when describing it for our feature tracker!

Glad to see I was on the right course :slight_smile:


One more for you Guide to Storyboarding