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Strange behavior when resizing controls via mouse


To reproduce:

  • Add a resizable control (e.g. Data Grid)
  • Drag one of the resize points of the control
  • Try to change the size less than 4px (e.g. from 100px to 103px)
    –>> OnDrop the size jumps back to the original value

When I resize it more than 3px all is fine…

And one additional thing:
When I resize contols with the top or left resize point the opposite edge is flickering for a moment. It´s no big deal but a bit distracting.


Hi @MrTaurus

I am sorry for the late response. Somehow we lost it on our radar.
We have a trash hold to prevent small resizes by accident.

There is a way to bypass the trash hold.

  • select a control
  • Start to resize and move the mouse so the value changes by ~10px. Do not release the mouse.
  • Go back to your size change of less than 4px.
  • Release the mouse.
  • The resize will stick.


That works for me.