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Strange behaviour in text fields with underscores



When I type the text subscriber_user_id into a text field, it is displayed as subscriber _user_id

i.e. with the user in italics and the underscore disappeared. This is probably some markup scheme you are using.

How do I turn it off. I literally want to see “subscriber_user_id” because it is a database field and it is literally called that.

many thanks.


Hey @Martin_Smith!

What version of Mockups are you using? If you are on Mockups for Desktop, updating to the latest version will allow you to use subscriber_user_id, and not worry about it triggering the markdown parser.

If you are on myBalsamiq, using subscriber\_user_id will escape the first underscore, and the string will display correctly.

Let me know if that helps, my friend. :slight_smile: