Strange behaviour with symbols images when importing old balsamiq files


Hi there,

another strange issue. When I am importing other older balsamiq mockups to my project and I apply my created symbols also to the imported pages, all my images/symbols are duplicated.

Also not quite understandable for me but maybe related to the problem above is that I have now several folders “Project Symbols” for different Symbols I’ve created. They don’t go in one project symbol folder. And I can also not drag&drop them, so I have to live with multiple symbol folders in one project.

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Maybe this has nothing to do with the importing. I just found out that the symbols are duplicated when I copy one symbol from one mockup and copy it to another mockup page instead of using the drag&drop from the UI library.


Hi @elix

Thanks for your report.
The duplication of assets was a bug.
We fixed the duplication of assets in the prerelease of the Balsamiq Mockups 3. So if you are prepared to use the prerelease then you will not get any additional duplications. The existing duplications will not get removed automatically.

You can get the prerelease here:
I tested this particular bug fix already.