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Strange snap-to guide behaviour in certain conditions


I think I’ve found a bug, or perhaps the logic is working as intended and I just don’t understand why:

  1. Create a sub-title, and change the text
  2. Create a rectangle from the “Containers” section, align its left side with the left side of the subtitle, and have it sit one “gold guide” below the subtitle. Re-size it to make it larger.
  3. Add a list item, and drag it inside the rectangle. It will snap to a “gold guide” distance from the top, right, and bottom inside edges of the rectangle container, but will NOT snap to a “gold guide” distance from the left inside edge of the rectangle.

I think the sub-title is interfering with it, since if I don’t create the sub-title, the list will snap to all inside edges of the rectangle just fine. Also if I create the rectangle and THEN the sub-title, rather than in the order listed above, this problem does not occur.

Which leads to a wider feature request - Could there be a way to state a preference for what you want an object to snap to? Often I’ll think one object is snapping to another, when really it’s snapping to a completely different object elsewhere on the mockup.

Here’s a screenshot of the layout I describe in the steps above:


Hi @ahobday,

Sorry you’ve hit this snag.

Thanks for reporting the bug. I reproduced it and passed it on to the dev team so they will look at it.

Re: feature request: I added your vote for this in our internal tracker, that will help us to prioritize it for the future. We will further discuss it internally.

Thanks for the detailed report and for your input! :smile: