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Stuck at 'Initializing ...'


My project seems corrupted. When I select some pages, the app is stuck at ‘Initializing [page]’. From that point, the whole application is unstable, as I cannot go back to other pages.

All the files highlighted in image above are problematic.

I tried deleting the MockupsSettings database file in my local store. I also tried opening a backup found in the local store. Unfortunately, nothing works.

Have a look: Acme.bmpr (234 KB)

Anyone ever experienced this behavior ?


Everything was latest version, both Mockups and Air.

Strangely enough, I tried on another PC and it worked )!"/?)|#@

I went ahead and uninstalled both Balsamiq Mockups and Adobe Air, reinstalled them, and voilà : everything is working fine.

The lesson for people who experience this, the key is uninstall/reinstall.


This is actually an issue that we had to fix, @Mathieu_Brault. You aren’t going crazy.

We made some under-the-hood changes in 3.5.1, and one of the unintended side effects was that some BMPRs didn’t open. The opposite was also true: BMPRS made in 3.5.1 didn’t like opening in previous versions.

That should be all fixed now, and I’m sorry if we caused some scary moments for folks. :frowning:



I am now getting this same issue with my project.

I have tried:

  • Deleting the MockupsSettings.db file in my local store,

  • Opening backups in local store,

  • Uninstalling/reinstalling both Balsamiq and Adobe Air.

However nothing has worked and certain screens stay in ‘Initializing ‘[page]’’ and then the whole project is unstable.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @Rachael_Hagan and sorry for the trouble with this one.

Could you please send us your BMPR file via email so that we can try to reproduce the issue here? We will keep your data strictly confidential and only long enough to try to debug your issue.

I assume that you’ve tried all backups from the local folder called “LocalProjects”, as detailed here?

We’ll stand by for your email and will do our best to help!


Hi Ladies and Genltm, I had the same issue yesterday which I’m afraid, does not allow mo continue working. Every mockup of my project is frozen and the only note allowing is “iinitializing [mockup name]…”. A waiting panel appeared until something happened to all project mockups. No visible result is available.

My version is a desktop one and I downloaded and installed the last version yesterday. It was Balsamiq_Mockups_3 and should have replaced the previous one Balsamiq_Mockups_3.5.15. No result followed.

I would be thankful of any information to help me manage the situation.


So sorry for the trouble, @rorro.

Have you tried to check if any local backups are available in your local store folder?

In case you can’t find any, could you please send your BMPR file to so we can have a closer look?

We’ll do our best to help with this project file.


Hi, Virgin,

Many thanks for the fast reaction yesterday!

I uninstalled and then reinstalled Adobe Air and Balsamiq (in this order). Opening the BMPR file I found the change of font visible and it was the only difference. I even started to email the Balsamiq support team, following your advice. And, when opened the BMPR file, I found it was absolutely right. Everything was on its place.

So, maybe the reinstallation is the answer.


Great to hear that you were able to get your data back, @rorro!

We’ll be here if you need anything else. :slight_smile: