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Stuck saving thumbnails

Does anyone else run into issues where the app basically locks itself because it’s unable to auto-save the file>

I don’t even use the thumbnail view for my mockup list.

Because that first project is stuck my other open project is also failing to save

Both files are saved to a mapped network drive which remains accessible.

Hi @Ryan,

Sorry for the trouble with this my friend!

I think that you’re already on the latest version (3.5.5), right?

It sounds like our autosave mechanism doesn’t play well with your network drive, unfortunately. This is one of the reasons we recently introduced the ability to switch to manual save when needed. Would you mind trying to disable the autosave to see if it helps?

Your changes will still be saved to the internal backup file, and they will automatically recover if you close Mockups without remembering to save.

Hopefully, this didn’t corrupt your file but in case it did, please look in those local backups as it should contain a working version of the file.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if this continues to bug you.

Yes I had to kill the task this morning. The first project reopened ok but the second file completely disappeared so had to restore from local backup.

Ugh, I’m really sorry about that @ryan, but I’m glad the local store had a good backup.

I would turn off autosave, and that should prevent this in the future. You are always saving to the local store, so even if you forget to save, we have your back. :slight_smile:

Really sorry again, my friend. Hopefully, turning off autosave will solve the issue for good.

Same for me, it stuck on the first save, so I do not have any backup. Does it mean that I lost several hours of work?

Hi @Marat and sorry for the trouble today.

Have you checked into the local backup folder yet?

If you are using a recent version (version 3.2.1 and above) of Mockups 3 for Desktop, there should be some backup files in there but please let us know if not.

Also, are you saving the file on a network drive by any chance?
If that is the case, I would try to disable the autosave to see if it helps to avoid the issue.

Sorry again for the snag, I’ll stand by for your reply and we’ll go from there.

Just a heads up that I still get stuck on ‘Saving thumbnails…’ fairly often when saving manually - maybe every 5th time or so.

Sorry to hear that this one keeps bugging you, @Ryan.

Have you tried to disable the Autosave mechanisnm, as we suggested when this issue occurred in the first place?

We’ll do our best to help!

Yes have been using manual save for all projects since that suggestion many months ago.

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I assume you’re on the latest version (3.5.15), right?

Does this occur with all projects or maybe one in particular?

If so, could you please send your BMPR file to so that we can have a closer look?
We will keep your data strictly confidential and only long enough to try to debug your issue.

Yes am on the latest version. Happens to multiple project files. Some saved on network drive, others are saved locally and synced to OneDrive. Windows 8.1 Pro with 8GB of RAM.

As I don’t use thumbnail view but instead list view it would just be easier (and a lot quicker) to only generate and save thumbnails when that view is used.

Thanks for sharing more details, Ryan.

Are the affected BMPR files relatively big in size?
Also, does that ever happened with a file that is saved locally and not synced?

Sorry again for the hassle. If that works for you, let’s take it to email via as it will be easier to loop in our dev team on this issue if needed.

Version: 3.5.17 (Windows 10)

It’s been a while since someone commented, here, but I wanted to chime in and say this bug is still happening (it just happened to me).

I don’t know what you guys consider a “relatively big” BMPR file, though this issue certainly seems like it started happening as the mockup grew in size.
Mine is currently 4.77 MB.
It’s all mockups, except for 2 reusable symbols I’ve created - a simple sidebar menu and an even simpler page header.
I’ve also imported one symbol library from the online library - micro callouts.
I’ve been using manual save almost as long as I’ve been using the software.
This is all happening locally on my laptop (i7, 16GB, SSD).

While I’m admittedly clueless to the plumbing in Balsamiq, I’d like to also champion the idea of turning off thumbnail generation/loading when they’re turned off in the app.

After a certain number of mockups in the project, especially with enough pages that looked relatively similar, I found the thumbnails too small to be useful. I found it easier to just name each mockup with a descriptive name and turn thumbnails off. It fits more choices in the list at any given scroll length, too.

Unless the thumbnails are necessary for some other function (not sure what that could be, since after turning them off, I never see them), preventing thumbnail generation of mockups when we opt out of using them seems like it could be a win:win.

  • Saving and loading a project speeds up.
  • Presumably, some size would be shaved off the project.
  • Until this is definitively fixed, users are spared being affected by a bug in a feature they’ve turned off.

In any case, thanks for an absolutely amazing piece of software.
One of the best I’ve ever used.

Hi @jamesofbrady and thanks for sharing those details.

I’ve just checked with our dev team and it looks like we already preventing the loading of those thumbnails when using the List view but there is still room for improvement on the saving indeed.

Regarding the size of a project, the file size can indeed be a reason for slowness but the number of wireframes in a project and the controls used are definitely other factors to consider. Regarding the file size, 4.77Mb sounds totally fine.

Thanks again for joining the discussion and sharing your kind words. Any questions, we’re here!

I have the same issue as @jamesofbrady on a 5 MB file. Locally saved (not a network drive), I don’t use the thumbnail view, and yet it saves thumbnails when I close the window, which is slow and sometimes locks the application.

That’s no good, @rshadian - I’m sorry. Would it be possible to share the file with us so that we can have a look? I’d like to run some tests on it.

I can, if you give me the details on how to do it (link goes to Balsamiq’s home page).

Whoops, it should have been our email address. Looks like discourse added an http:// to the mailto link.

That’s new!

Sorry about that, @rshadian