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Suddenly my project has reverted to an old version!


Panicking here, suddenly I look up and changes that I had made weeks ago are now reverted. How could this happen? Is there any way to look at a list of old revisions? It was fine when I started working on it, then I started working on a new symbol, and poof.


Ack. I’m sorry about that @jjsararas.

Let’s try checking the revision history of the file. If you see a version around the time you started working on it, download it, upload it again to your Google Drive (as a new file), and try opening that.

Once we find your old file, we will figure out what happened.


Ah of course, the Drive revision history. I kept looking around for “a single line of text showing you the last update and who made it” as per but while I was searching from Mockups for Drive documentation, I didn’t realize I was being taken to a page for the desktop version. I’ll make a fork of the version I’ve been fixing and adding to, and then try your suggestion. It is so bizarre, I had changed a breadcrumb element to a tag cloud several weeks ago, and more recently added some markup to the same mockup. The markup remains, but the tag cloud reverted to the old breadcrumb! Can’t imagine how I could’ve done that inadvertently! Plus the project has been saved and closed several times since then.

I’ll try your suggestions time permitting. I can’t see anything else wrong right now - my panic was assuming I had lost all those weeks of work!

Thanks for your quick reply Brendan, good to know you’re there.


Sorry for the confusion with the docs @jjsararas. It’s something we are actively working on improving.

Are you sharing the file on Google Drive with anyone?


Yes I had just shared it the day before yesterday. Does sharing sometimes cause glitches?


It shouldn’t, @jjsararas. At least not that we have seen.

Let us know if it happens again, and we will dig deeper. I’m really, really sorry for the scare here. :frowning:


Thanks a lot Brendan, I will. I’ve finally given my heart to Balsamiq after literally years of dating other mockup software, so I thought for second, oh noo, tell me there aren’t bodies buried in the basement! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: